Problem Statement- A Swiss financial Institute, with its backend operations in India, was undergoing consolidation.  The consolidation was not being received well by employees, as there was a change in location, format, and organization involved.


WOM was hired to undertake Communication Consulting.


Solution-  A proactive Communication strategy was planned, addressing employee concerns. A large campaign including Leadership connects,  town halls, use of audio/video and visuals was rolled out.


Current Status- The first two phases of consolidation have taken place without any concerns.


Problem Statement- A traditional cement company in India felt a need to bring about a culture change. However, the senior leadership being very old in the Organization, were resistant to this change.


WOM was engaged to help build a robust Communication Strategy,  to subtly bring about the change and give the Organisation a new look and feel, internally.


Solution- A facelift to Internal Communication was provided, with the use of technology, young and fun content and revamp and communication of value statements.  Heavy use of visuals and video content was applied.


Current Status- The Organisation is now doing the ‘Great Places to Work’ survey mid-2019.


Problem Statement- A Healthcare Startup recently received its second level funding. This meant the Organsiation was expanding in ten new cities and growing four times in numbers. With the fast-paced growth, came a dip in customer service and ESAT.


WOM was hired to engage with Internal Communications, HR Consulting and OD training.


Solution- An Overall Strategy touching all employee touch points was created and implemented. Revamp of processes, employer branding, proactive communication, soft skills training is being used.


Current status- With only four months of engagement underway, Internal brand guidelines, soft skills training, employee recognition programmes and content is being produced.

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